Large Elegant Flute

This Large Elegant Flute challenged me because I searched to purchase one myself of which I could not find any where. It’s made out of a hard mahogany with 1 1/2 inch bore. It’s 33 long!

I created this flute to represent calmness. It has a note of Ed and is very quiet and melodious. It represents a restful spirit of which I personally wanted. It was created to slow the spirit down, very fitting to the Yavas-Yavas lifestyle.


One way to de-stress: Play a Native American Flute!

Sometimes our busy minds won’t settle down enough to meditate or be totally silent. Yet we still need to de-stress.  One solution is to create your own music with a simple to play Native American style flute.  Below are just a few of the flutes that are handcrafted and ready to purchase at www.magneticpowershop.com  



Hummingbird Flute made from Cherry wood

Large elegant-tone flute, made from Mahogany

Native American Recorder Flute with Dragonfly.