The Heart

We who crafted this flute must say “Wow”  Dedicated to health, cardiology and medicine. Titled The Heart. The handcrafted heart is close to life size. Carved as realistic as possible with the anatomy of the heart. It was crafted for a cardiologist to teach patients or anyone about the anatomy of the heart, let alone it’s melodious music that comes from the flute.  One highlights of the heart is the heart shaped stand it sets upon of which both are made of blood wood to replicate the purpose of the heart which is the pumping of blood.  The flute body itself was crafted from an extremely hard and very expensive African ebony wood, only grown in Africa. This offsets the hearts red color also the dual serpent on the front of the flute is carved in order to highlight it, representing healing.  A lot of time and medical talent was put within this craftsmanship. This is a piece of art. Also the heart has a built in magnetic base whereby the heart can easily be taken off and set up right for teaching. A medical piece of work.  


The Spur

This flute we named The Spur.  It was very meticulously crafted and specifically made for a friend of ours. As all of our flutes, they are made for a specific cause and this no less.  It was designed and dedicated for their new home and horse ranch.  She trains horses so we specifically designed the base it sits on with an actual spinning spur on the boot was crafted with their heart in mind.  The horse was carved out of ‘Blood Wood’. The flute is made of cherry and the base with an American Cowboy decor of colors that go clear back to Gun Smoke. We are proud of our American Western Heritage and we were honored to create this one that is a real collectors piece.


One way to de-stress: Play a Native American Flute!

Sometimes our busy minds won’t settle down enough to meditate or be totally silent. Yet we still need to de-stress.  One solution is to create your own music with a simple to play Native American style flute.  Below are just a few of the flutes that are handcrafted and ready to purchase at www.magneticpowershop.com  



Hummingbird Flute made from Cherry wood

Large elegant-tone flute, made from Mahogany

Native American Recorder Flute with Dragonfly.