Large Elegant Flute

This Large Elegant Flute challenged me because I searched to purchase one myself of which I could not find any where. It’s made out of a hard mahogany with 1 1/2 inch bore. It’s 33 long!

I created this flute to represent calmness. It has a note of Ed and is very quiet and melodious. It represents a restful spirit of which I personally wanted. It was created to slow the spirit down, very fitting to the Yavas-Yavas lifestyle.


Dragonfly flute

This Dragonfly flute, designed with the recorder flute pattern was designed for its beauty and charm. The dragonfly was meticulously designed with creative precision to reflect the wonder of flight. The dragonfly’s 360 degree eyesight with exquisite glimmer.

Most people agree that the Dragonfly symbolizes change and self realization with the deepest meaning of life! The beauty of this flute with its flute recorder design surpasses any treasure along with the specially designed stand it sits upon only built for this flute. It stands above any treasure you may have upon your mantel.



This flute is titled The Educator. It is an elegant glimmering flute, with sparkles of gold metallic throughout. The sparkles makes you want to stare at it from end o end. This flute is dedicated to teachers and those of us who are life long learners. A stack of school books was built for the air regulator of this flute including books for Math, Biology, Science and History. A school kids belt wraps the stack and brings to mind the simplicity of children walking to school on dirt roads, carrying their books. Made of Oak, maple, poplar, walnut, cherry, Mahogany, lots of love and appreciation for learning.


Arrow Head Flute

This flute is titled Arrow Head flute because it has a large arrow head made of cherry wood mounted as its air regulator. This arrow head is wrapping the flute with a curvature of elegance not hardly seen nor done before. The maple, oak, cherry and walnut has a craftsmanship all it’s own with a clear finish as hard as glass. An absolute beautiful flute!

I crafted this one not just to give credit to Native American ancestors but to remember what the arrow head represent in our past. It’s symbol represents alertness for service. It not only put food on the table, it was also used as defense for keeping their family alive. As you’re playing its melodious tune, your bringing food for your spirit as well as building Yavas-Yavas of relaxed feeling of protection in spirit.


Hummingbird Flute

The hummingbird flute was testing me as an excessively long flute that is made out of walnut, a beautiful dark wood. And adding a cherry inlay, angled at mid-flute. My hummingbird flute was created to share the beauty of simplicity. Whereby the hummingbird represented the most innocent, yet most talented of all of God’s flying creatures.

And so this flute will represent to you the elegance and strength of a walnut with fairy-like flight of the hummingbird!