Creative zone

This is my private little spot where I allow my imagination to find fruition in artistic woodworking! Not quoting exactly, but Michelangelo’s words were as he looked upon the large bolder before him said, there is a person within that bolder and I will find him! And Michael, not to Plagiarize upon your talent or words, but I also find myself looking upon a block of wood thinking there rests within this block, My vision, Whatever I’m Envisioning, and Whatever I am imagining is looking back at me. If I can only have the patience as I work my imagination will reveal itself, and say “good work Ric, thank you, you had the patience and Freed Me!”



This flute is titled ‘Soaring.’ The Hawk made of Cherry wood is in flight with it’s eyes attentive to the activity below. The finish on the hawk is an epoxy, clear as glass. The flute is made of mahogany. The air regulator is made of blood wood with leather strapping and decorative beads. The stand is simple but nice to keep the flute on display. Our Yavas-Yavas mindset is to slow down and to look on the world from a different angle. This is the mantra of this flute. Soar above your troubles with music in heart while playing this flute.